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Shree Brahmanand District Community Science Center

Shree Brahmanand District Community Science Center– Junagadh is affiliated and recognized with The GUJCOST. ( Gujarat Council on Science and Technology, Gandhinagar. Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat ) established in 2004-05 by Premanand Vidhya Shankul,Vanthali Road, Junagadh. A Registered trust with Reg. No. E 1809, Ahmedabad. It functions in close collaboration with Gujarat Council On Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat and is recognized as District Community Science Centre covering the regions of junagadh district.


The name itself is self-explanatory, The Community Science Centre is for every member of society. It aims to address total section of the society, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex, educational or social - economic level, urban or rural back ground or district. It is yours & for you, it is for all those who are interested in knowing about any aspect of any branch of science. It is for those who are curious and interested to gain or spread the knowledge of science in society.


To promote dissemination of knowledge in science and technology to our urban and rural communities children, in an entertaining manner and popularize science by creating an environment where they can pursue participatory learning. The Center will promote the spirit of inquiry and experimentation among the younger generation and more over enlighten the society of our scientific heritage.


  • To create a scientific approach in our society as well as at the primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary Schools and College levels.

  • To deliver scientific information to different vocational streams.

  • Publication for the purpose of publicizing and transmitting information.

  • To provide scientific directions to the students of science in order to ease their syllabus learning.

  • To prevent superstitions by spreading general awarness among the people through scientific experiments.

  • Programmes for anti-addiction mission.

  • To incalculate, nurture & disseminate science among the people.

  • Training of disaster and contingency management.

  • To generate scope for activity based learning.

  • To develop kits / teaching aids for their use in school science teaching and to improve the quality of school science education.

  • To provide training and extend facilities for creative work to neighbouring schools.

  • To educate the community as a whole in the areas of energy conservation, ecology, environment, health and hygiene, food & nutrition. Implementation of improved method to boost up yields in the field, farm and water management.

Collaborating Departments:

SBDCSC is thankful to all these institutions and organizations for their support and cooperation SBDCSC is networking

and working with several organizations and institutions. The following is a list of some of the collaborating institutions.

Department of Science and Technology, India( DST )
National Council for Science Technology Communication( NCSTC )
Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO )
Vigyan Prasar
Gujarat Council of Science City